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-Weekday outdoor urban $275  (includes 2 final retouched digital negatives)

-Weekday studio Monday-Thursday  $350 (includes 2 final retouched digital negatives)

-Weekend outdoor or studio $450 (includes 4 final retouched digital negatives)

*sibling discount- save $50 for bringing 2 siblings in together, save $75 for 3. We will also shoot a few sibling headshots for their agent


What does my session include?

Headshot sessions include an hour shoot time including initial wardrobe consultation. We will shoot as many "looks" as possible within that time frame, generally 2-3 looks is ideal. All sessions include approximately 50 images to choose from, and 2-4 final retouched digital negatives with reprint release, depending on your session type. Purchased digital negatives are always fully retouched and full resolution. We also include complimentary border and name typesetting if needed. Complimentary digital comp/ZED cards are provided to all weekend sessions or to anyone purchasing 4 or more digital negatives. 

Additional digital negatives may be purchased at the following rates:

-single additional digital negative $99

-10 additional digital negatives $450

-If you purchase 10 additional, then any more additional are $35 each



Where are you located?  We shoot outdoors in Denver, near downtown. For studio we have 2 locations within the Denver metro area, one in Lakewood and one near 70/Colorado


What are your hours?  Because natural light is key to our signature style, we have limited time windows of prime headshot lighting. For outdoors, we shoot from about 11am-3pm depending on the time of year (fewer perfect light hours in the winter). For studio we shoot 10am-1pm


What is the turnaround time? We get your proofs up within 7 days. Once you choose your retouches, we can get retouches finished within 48 hours (2-5 retouches). 6 or more retouches, please give us a week but we can get a couple priority images to you quickly. 


What should I wear? Once you have booked your appointment, we will send more information about what to bring with you to your session. We always recommend trying clothing on before your session and bringing many more options than you think you will need. Looking through our portfolio will help you start planning. 


Do you work with my agency? They say that they need to pre-approve my photographer.  Feel free to pass along our website to your agency. We have headshot clients at all of the major Denver agencies as well as several New York, Los Angeles, and New Mexico agencies.  The following are agencies our clients have been signed with: Osbrink Agency, Carson-Adler Agency, Abrams Artist Agency, Block Agency, Donna Baldwin, Big Fish Talent, Radical Artist Agency, Eden Talent, Marbles, Wilhelmina, Park Noak, Jackie Reid, Talent Plus, Presley Talent and Spark Talent.


Can you help me or my child get signed with an agent? While an investment in amazing headshots can help you or your child stand out among the many submissions, I don't have any kind of "pull" or "in" with any agencies. Your talent and particular "look" are what will get you signed with an agent. Keep in mind that agents should not require upfront fees to represent you or your child. 


Do you do high school senior portraits?  Yes! I love shooting high school senior portraits! They are shot differently than a headshot session and allow a lot more freedom with posing and props. You can see my high school seniors information at 


Do you do family portraits? Yes! family portraits are actually a much larger part of our business and a major part of who we are! You can view information about Denver Family Portraits at